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* candid – [ART] of subjects acting naturally or spontaneously without being posed. Merriam-Webster
Candid artworks painted from your photographs or ours (click to enlarge):

Small dog pet memorial portrait oil painting on canvas, by pet artist Connie Moses.
Dog Memorial oil portrait, from Audrey Ladd's 4 candid snapshotsMemories of Wiggy story

Horse portrait custom painting Three Kings show horses by pet artist Connie Moses
based on Michelle Robertson's own 3 candid photos

Arabian print horse mare and foal by pet artist Connie Moses

Michelle Robertson says (of We Three Kings at left): " is more beautiful than I could have imagined... and it was so easy– we did everything by phone and email... [I am] one VERY SATISFIED CUSTOMER!"
In Harmony Arabian horse art print of mare with brand new foal -- Limited Edition giclee print 150 S/N with Artist's C.O.A. -- 14x11 image on 19x13 textured watercolor paper $50.00

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Spontaneous moments transformed into cherished artworks! ...

Mini-Galleries quick overview – natural candid paintings of horses, people and pets
creative techniques achieve unique works of art from almost any photographs
price range of custom artworks and commissioned art portraits
fine art prints of Connie's original candid horse paintings (details below...)
Photograph Galleries! Events, horse shows and happenings, fairs, scenics (details below...)
Connie Moses' artist's blog
petArtistWithPeaches - on horse training, pix, videos (details below...)
fun galleries of artworks in progress, Connie's foals' photos (details below...)
links to information and other sites all about pets, horses, art and photography tips
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To learn about discounts currently available, or support for therapeutic riding programs:
E-MAIL Connie Moses -- OR CALL 603-528-1531

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Member Equine Photographers Network
Artist is listed in the Gilford, New Hampshire Photographers Directory at --- BACK TO TOP...

Horse & event pictures & photo-imprinted GIFT items – UPDATED!!

By popular demand, photographs by equine artist Connie Moses are now offered online:
Foal and mare pictures, New England events and fairs, Horse Life, Boston, New Hampshire and Maine scenics...
• affordable photos in selection of sizes
• photo packages with special pricing
• GIFTS!-- photo-imprinted mugs, tote bags, T-shirts, photo puzzles, mouse pads, magnets
• Searchable Galleries, Professional prompt service
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Medieval Faire at the Carriage Barn; Tom Curtin 2007 Natural Horsemanship and Colt Starting clinics**

See example mare and adorable foal photo...

Creative techniques of painting from photos
All custom portraits and art prints on this website are digital-brush-stroked virtual paintings. They are based on photographs-- your own snapshots, our photos, or other photographers' (with their permission to create derivative works.)

Virtual painting described
• Work directly with the artist
• Watch your custom portrait as it develops (example)
• Easy proofing and approvals via Email
Watercolor, oil, or pastel interpretations
• Museum-quality art to treasure for a lifetime
• All clients are satisfied

The giclee printing process sprays on specially-formulated wide-gamut inks which do not fade; there is NO pattern of dots, the result is indistinguishable from hand-applied colors having a smooth finish. Your fine art is delivered as a museum-quality lifetime watercolor or oil interpretation giclee on textured watercolor paper or artist's cloth canvas, the same media used for brush-painting.

See how to paint on a computer, why the artist does it, or CALL Connie NOW and learn more personally, 603-528-1531.

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Work directly with the artist
Connie Moses, petArtist, has loved horses her entire life and kept her own horses for 15 years. Lance Richardson, award-winning professional photographer and artist, grew up training harness horses and has an abiding love of animals.
Talk directly with artist Connie Moses-- 603-528-1531 or 603-490-9694
or Email

Price Range for artworks
Our price range is broad: custom-modified, enhanced PHOTO-ART starts at $100; PHOTO-ART COMPOSITIONS from $200; commissioned CUSTOM CANDID PAINTINGS from $475-- pastel, watercolor, and oil giclees.
Use PayPal button at top right to place your secure deposit (email pay or credit cards accepted,) or mail a check-- your satisfaction is always guaranteed!

Gift Certificates are available
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Our passion for animals and beauty is expressed in these custom commissioned candid portrait paintings and photo-art, art prints, and photo galleries. Our creative painting techniques give you expressive original portraiture at affordable prices.

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Artist's BLOG with pictures
Enjoy pictures and ramblings about virtual painting, pets, horses and horse training, artist's profile, and a little on web SEO. Tell us about your pets! Please email your own pictures (we love 'em)-- you may become a Guest Writer (Ghost Rider!) for petArtistWithPeaches!

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We offer ideas freely about your portrait art painting possibilities... head closeups, full body, single subjects or multiples. Candids make the best reference photos. Subjects from several reference pictures can be combined to realize a concept, backgrounds are often replaced or enhanced.

Horse Fine Art Prints Gallery
Buy fine art prints of horses-- arabians, mares and foals, black stallion fantasy art and more-- expressive watercolors and oils, limited and open editions. SHOPPING for GIFTS? Buy artworks securely through PayPal...

Photographic prints, gifts for sale:
See foal and mare photographs shopping gallery. Enjoy Medieval Faire at the Carriage Barn 2007. See TOM CURTIN natural horsemanship clinics in N.H. 2005-2007. All photos are available for purchase and imprinting on gifts (see at left!)

NEWEST candid portrait artworks
Recent horse paintings in 2007, not yet on website...
Most recent custom pet memorial portrait paintings (also at 2007 link...)
Custom in memoriam family portrait pastel interpretation...

Photo Galleries for fun
Don't miss our baby horse galleries for fun, including Connie's warmblood percheron-Arabian colts at birth and growing up:
Glendale's Colt Gallery, Gilford's Colt Gallery...

E-MAIL or call 603-528-1531 to ask about current SPECIALS, for a free color brochure, or with any questions! We're always only a click away-- BOOKMARK us as a FAVORITE!

Portraits keep treasured memories close...
Express your love of animals and family... celebrate special bonds and spontaneous moments which will never be duplicated. A personal artwork painted from your own candid snapshot touches your heart and warms the soul. Each and every time your portrait is viewed, your treasured memories will be renewed and you will re-experience the natural joy of life!

For more about this Artist-created website, see comments by webmom Connie Moses...

THANK YOU Michelle (and Kate!)... and Audrey and Bob and Dawn and Patty (thanks Marrielle!) and Samantha and Joanne and Dan and Craig and Patti and Katherine and Cathy and Stephanie and Tammy and L.A. and Delia and Jess and Jay and Laurie and Judy and Marguerite and Mary Beth and Sharon and Amanda, and especially Rick and Em and Ez and Ian and every other friend of animals... for giving me support and the opportunity to share in your experiences of your own loved ones, both four-legged and two!
Connie Moses - 603-528-1531 or 603-490-9694

PortraitsWithPets BLOG

Pets, horses, art BLOG
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Horse paintings, family portraits, pet portraits - Connie Moses in New Hampshire and Lance Richardson in North Carolina.

Arabian horse art prints for sale.
Photography galleries of horses and more.
Pet portrait gallery of custom artworks.
People portrait gallery of custom paintings.

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